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Eoin currently works on our Private Client Plans. If you wish to work with him, please review the offering to ensure it’s right for you. If you are unsure whether you are a Private Client, please take our self-assessment questionnaire.

We have three offerings as Prosperous Financial, Prosperous Private and Prosperous Premier.

Private @ Prosperous:  This plan is a 3 stage process that takes a comprehensive look at you, your finances and your goals. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you made that financial change? or if you are making the right choices with your money? This is where we come in, we work with you to find answers to the big ‘what-ifs’ and created your tailored financial plan.!

Premier @ Prosperous: This plan consists of a couple of meetings where we will look at your current financial path, assess your finances, review any financial decisions and recommend changes (if needed). Premier suits clients who are starting on their financial journey and want to start their financial planning journey but don’t require a Private plan.

Choice @ Prosperous: This offering brings you straightforward financial advice. Are you looking for financial advice for a specific query but don’t require financial planning? then Choice is for you. Choice consists of one meeting that will address your specific financial concern. This offering does not include financial planning, if you require such take a look at our Private and Premier plans. After you have completed your Choice consultation you will have a better understanding of your overall finances.

We have three offerings as Prosperous Financial for new clients, Prosperous Private and Prosperous Premier.

Private @ Prosperous costs €6,500.00

Premier @ Prosperous costs €2,500.00

Choice @ Prosperous costs €299.00

For Existing Clients a review costs: an annual review costs €1,537.50 or for Private Clients and €615.00 Premier Clients. 

More details can be found on here.

When you book a Private or Premier consultation you are required to pay a €500 deposit upon booking, the remaining balance will be invoiced to you once you receive your financial plan. When you book your appointment for Choice you are required to pay the full amount upfront via card.

Navigate to Plan With Us and complete our self-booking questionnaire. Once completed you will be able to book a time and date for your appointment.

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