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Personal and financial circumstances can change. With that in mind, we recommend regular reviews as needed for our existing clients to discuss and review any changes and ensure you are on your financial path.

Life changes daily and it is best to be prepared and ensure that your financial products and plan still align with your needs and goals.

When should you review your plan? At Prosperous Financial, we recommend a review at least once a year. If we manage your assets it is crucial to have a review annually.

An annual review costs €1250.00 plus VAT for Private Clients and €500.00 plus VAT.

What Circumstances Would Prompt A Review Of My Plan?

Revisit Your Financial Plan Annually.

Reviewing your financial plan is like bring your car for its annual service, you might not realise by driving your car every day that you need an oil filter or spark plug change as from the outside it drives perfectly.

The same analogy applies to your financial plan, you’re topping up your pension and paying your life assurance but some time has passed since you received your plan so a review is needed to ensure your financial goals are on track.

Adjust To Stay On Your Financial Path.

Your plan will need to be adjusted annually as there are outside factors that may impact your plan. Even if your situation is the same since you received your financial plan we recommend meeting once a year to ensure you are still on the correct path.

End Of Year Tax Deadline.

Do you have an upcoming tax bill for the current tax year?

By availing of our financial review offering our dedicated financial planners can discuss the options available to you.

Don’t leave your review till October 30th, fill out the below form and one of our planners will be in contact.

Reassesses Your Portfolio.

Rebalancing is a strategy of reassessing your investment(s) to ensure that they are still on track to meet your financial goals.

Risk, tax and legislation are some factors that can alter the trajectory of your investment(s) but by availing of a financial review your dedicated financial planner will reassess, evaluate and advise you of any changes and recommendations.

Eoin McGee Financial Planning Ireland

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