Workplace Financial Wellbeing

Did you know that poor financial wellbeing impacts our mental health? In a recent employee financial wellness survey, employees stated that money worries in the past year have had a severe or major impact on their daily lives. Money worries can impact their work and home life and employees who are financially stressed have lower productivity, engagement and attendance at work.

Employees Under Financial Stress Are:


7x more likely to be absent from work


Are more like productivity issues.

76% of employees surveyed in a recent study stated that money worries have a negative impact on their productivity 


Are 2x more likely to look for another job.

What We Can Offer You

Financial wellbeing will look different for each employee, that is why we offer tailored 1:1 consultations for each one of your employees. During your employee’s 1:1 consultations our team will identify any financial issues and advise on how to fix them. At the end of this service, your employees will better understand their finances. Your consultation will include topics such as:

Protection Review

Investment Advice

Pension Review

Budgetary / Spending Advice

Savings Advice

Product Set-Up

All About Prosperous

From first contact to ongoing communication, every step of my financial journey has been smooth. I sleep better at night, maybe they should consider diversifying into mattresses.

Prosperous Client

I looked into the consultation options on the prosperous website and made an appointment. This in itself is an investment but I soon realised money sitting in my bank account is not going to get me where I want to be in the long term

Prosperous Client

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