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In-depth financial analysis & lifestyle planning. Private consists of a 3-stage detailed process where we start with you and work from there. A Private Client plan costs €6500 including vat.

For more information on the steps in a Private Client plan, read below.


Meeting Prep

As part of getting to know you, we will review your finances. This will help your planner paint a financial picture of you.

Your planner will work out your current financial path and date of financial independence which you will be shown during your 1st meeting.


Discovery Meeting

Your first meeting is all about you! What do you want?

Do you have any financial decisions you need to make? Your planner will cover your finances which were pre-submitted and start to envision your financial plan.


Financial Research & Forecasting

Crunching in the numbers and creating your plan to ensure your money is working for you.

During this stage, your planner is hard at work building your plan there may be 1 or 2 meetings during this stage depending on your plan.


Receive Financial Plan

Presentation and explanation of your financial plan. Your planner will go through your plan covering topics discussed during meeting 1.

If you are recommended any products (investments, pensions, protection etc.) we have a dedicated team who will help set them up for you.

What can you expect from a Private Client plan?

Financial analysis

An extensive review of your current financial portfolio where your dedicated planner will map out your current and future financial paths devoid of any changes.

Getting to know you

Our first meeting is all about you. We believe we have no right to tell you what to do with your money without getting to know you first.

This meeting will form the basis of your plan so we will also cover the review of our finances, date of financial independence and discover your financial goals.

Eoin McGee Financial Planning Ireland
Eoin McGee Financial Planning Ireland

Creating your plan

After your first meeting with us, you will have a clear understanding of your goals, values and objectives and you will also know your date of financial independence.

Your dedicated planner will then begin creating your plan based on the above. It is at this point we do all the financial planning, we work out the best use of your money to support the life you want to have.

When we have all the numbers crunched and worked out what you need to do, you will receive your financial plan. This will give you a chance to read over everything and note any questions.

Financial plan presentation

It’s time to go over your plan. Your dedicated planner will take you through step by step explaining the reasoning behind everything.

Your plan is tailored for you. If there are any recommendations i.e. product related we will help you implement them if you wish. Basically, we will go to the market for you and find the product best suited for you.

Traditionally advisors would have a bag of products and they would come to see you and fit their product into your life. In Prosperous we do it the other way around, we do the planning first, see what you need and establish if you need anything at all.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Typically, the clients who tend to get the most from this offering have a household income of €150,000+ per annum and/or have €500,000+ of investable assets (total amount of money you have, including bank accounts, pension accounts and investments) and/or they work for themselves. These figures are only indicative and if you would like to book in for a Private Client plan please click the below button ‘plans & prices.


If you are unsure if you are a Private Client, why not take our handy self-assessment questionnaire? Just click here to start the questionnaire. Would you like to learn more about financial planning? click here to read our detailed overview.

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