5 Tips To Help You Cut Household Spending

Cut Household Spending
Top Tips To Cut Household Spending! A couple of months ago, Eoin was tasked by Claire Byrne to save €2000 in 60 minutes, he went over and above and saved over €6000 in 60 minutes. But how? He took a fictitious couple (Aoife & Sean who are living in Naas), reviewed their finances and switched some providers.  Here are there areas which have the biggest savings:
  1. Car insurance – if it is coming up to your renewal, shop around. There are different comparison sites you can use to go to a broker who can compare for you.
  2. Gas and electricity – some companies offer switcher rates for a period of time or other offers to attract new customers. Shop around. You would be surprised how much you could save!
  3. Phone and internet – like the gas and electricity providers companies offer attractive rates for new customers.
  4. Personal insurance(s) – if you have personal insurance products (income protection, serious illness cover etc.) It may be worth your while to review your cover and see if you can get a better deal. 
  5. Switch your mortgage – if you can switch your mortgage, review and compare your options. There are handy switcher tools which you can use or contact a mortgage specialist. 
If you would like to listen back to the episode of Eoin on Claire Byrne Live click here. For more money-saving tips, why not check our new Financial Resources section? For tailored financial advice, to best suit, your needs check out our packages or contact us at info@prosperous.ie for more. Don’t forget you can also find us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

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