BusinessWork/Life Balance8 September 2021by Prosperous Financial0An Update On Our 4-day Week Trial

For those of you who follow us, you’ll remember that we decided in June that for the month of July and August, we would trial a 4-day working week.

Very simply, if any of our team got their work done between Monday and Thursday then they weren’t expected to be at work on Friday.

We received praise for trialling this idea and Eoin was chatting about this initiative back in July with Claire Byrne. We wanted to empower our staff to do their job and show them that we trust them.

As August has ended now, we are currently reviewing the overall impact on our company, customers, and employees.

Initially, we have found that our 4-day work week trial has been extremely popular amongst the team at Prosperous Financial.

There is a campaign advocating for a 4-day week for all workers and at Prosperous Financial, we can see the benefits. That’s not to say that the transition from a 5- day week to a 4-day week isn’t without teething issues but we are reviewing the past few months here.

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